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Rifugio Trearie: un piccolo riparo nella natura incontaminata

Trearie Refuge: a small shelter in unsploit nature

The Trearie refuge is located in the territory of Randazzo in the core of the Park of the Nebrodi mountains, at 1264 meters above sea level. The refuge is part of an equipped area owned by the Azienda Foreste Demaniali. In this area, in addition to the refuge, there are 6 tables with benches, a fountain with drinking water, a barbecue, an outdoor parking and bathrooms also for disables.

It is possible to spend the night in the refuge, which has 3 rooms, where you can enjoy an environment heated by the fireplace, with immediate and permanent availability of wood. However, it is mandatory to request overnight stay at the Demanio.

The refuge is the starting point of the path that allows to reach the Trearie lake. This 4 km long dirt track can be covered by various means, on foot, by mountain bike and on horseback.

The Trearie lake is the highest in Sicily, and is located at 1435 meters above sea level. It has a surface area of about 10 hectares, that partially freezes in winter. The territory of the lake bacame an oriented natural reserve in 1987 due to its ornithological interest, and was then included in the Park of Nebrodi mountains.

The path that leads from the refuge to the lake allows you to make a unique experience to be lived fully, creating a contact with nature, impossible within the cities where you live. The pathway offers breathtaking views of the unsploit nature that populates the Park of the Nebrodi mountains, including meeting with wildlife.

It is very easy to come across horses in a semi-wild state, grazing cows and birds of varoius species. Once at the lake, you can also observe the fish that inhabit the lake, including carps and tenches, which also attract ather fish-eating birds, such as the herring gull and storks.

The flora is quite varied, indeed, it is possible to see oak, pine and larch forests on the horizon along the path. The lake, on the other hand, is rich in holly, xerophyllous and other species of composites, such as meadow grass and chicory.


The refuge is the perfect place for trekking lovers, but also for nature lovers, who can discover ita t different times of the year, in autumn with its magnificient colours, or in winter with the snow due to it is possible to practice cross-country skiing. You can also discover the nature at different times of the day, for example ypu can enjoy a spectacular starry sky around the fire during the night and live a moment incomparable with any other in your life.

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