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Albergo sull’Etna: Rifugio Ragabo a Linguaglossa

Hotel on Etna volcano: Ragabo Refuge in Linguaglossa

The Ragabo alpine refuge is located at about 1450 meters (above sea level), in the core of the Etna Park, on the north side of Linguaglossa. Since 1969 it is managed by the Mangano family, which has built from one generation to another a familiar and welcoming environment, that allows the guest to feel at home.

The refuge is the right place to rest after excursions on Etna volcano, but also the starting point of several activities; it is also possible to spend the night in the available rooms. The rooms, double or quadruple, are all equipped with private bathroom, TV and heating, and allow both individuals and families to enjoy the place and its centuries-old pine forest.

If you are just passing through, the main focus is to be paid to the homemade and typical cooking of the restaurant, which offers a menu full of local and characteristics products, such as Macaroni Ragabo or the Etna DOC wine.

If instead you decide to spend the night inside the refuge, there ae many activitie to choose from, depending on the season. The refuge is accessible both in spring-summer (April 1- October 30), and in winter (November 1- March 31).


In summer, it is possible to adventure along several trekking trails, from the simplest ones, like a walk to the pine forest, to the most difficult ones, which lead to caves or old lava flows. The refuge, due to its central position, is the starting point of numerous excursions along the north side of Etna volcano, that can be in quad, on horseback, with a donkey, if you want to live a characteristic experience; you also can take mountain bike, because it is from the refuge that the famous path, called “pedemontana”, starts. It is about 42 km long, it allows to see old craters and to make a half-turn of the volcano.

Moreover, many excursions with jeep 4×4 depart from the nearby locality of Piano Provenzana, which allow to reach 3300 meters (above sea level), near the tip of the Etna volcano.

In winter, the position of the refuge allows, not only to enjoy the breathtaking view, but also to practice many sports: alpine and cross-country skiing, snowboard, but you can also make a peaceful snowshoeing among the surreal snowy lavic landscapes.

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