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Gratteri: il borgo più misterioso delle Madonie

Gratteri: the most mysterious village of the Madonie

Visit Gratteri is an original tourist portal in the Sicilian landscape that contains Author’s Tales that will lead visitors to discover the area and the attractions of what can be considered the most mysterious village in the Madonie.

The peculiarity of the site consists in fact in the presentation of the territory through stories and legends written by a university researcher, Marco Fragale, who for years has been carrying out sociolinguistic and anthropological research among the inhabitants of the Madonie village and in the State Archives of Palermo.

In fact, many of these stories have been collected in the field over the years and reworked by the author’s creativity. It presents places and monuments with other eyes, those of the memory of those who lived and loved them. It hands down a very important cultural heritage, today the very heart of the portal.

Gratteri: the most mysterious village of the Madonie

On the site there are maps that will lead visitors to explore the places of greatest attraction and breathtaking scenery before even visiting them.

Precisely in the Adventure & Experience section there will be guides for unique adventures adapted to every need: from the tranquility of a museum to excursions in the mountains to touch the sky with a finger and dissect the origin of the myth: from the petrified head of the shepherd Dafni to the oracle of the Old Woman in the cave up to delving into evocative tales of a Dante scenario where a passage to the Underworld, the “Mouth of Hell” is defended by a monster called Macigna.

Certainly, the Arab-Norman route to discover the secrets of the Abbey of San Giorgio and the latest archaeological finds cannot be missed.

On Visit Gratteri various services are available upon request of individual visitors or groups. An example is the photo/video reporter, to immortalize every significant moment of an engaging stay in Gratteri.

There are also various proposals aimed at sports-loving visitors, such as:

  • trekking routes;
  • the opportunity to train with a personal trainer surrounded by nature;
  • breathe in pristine air.

In the accompanying section, it is possible to request multilingual experts to satisfy the needs of tourists from all over the world. There are also many suggestions to spend moments of carefree, as well as information regarding places to eat a good local dish, a good pizza or have a relaxing aperitif at sunset.

As for transport, you can take advantage of a transfer service as well as consult the available facilities in the accommodation section. Finally, you can choose a souvenir in the shop section to take with you the memory of a happy stay in Gratteri.

Further information for reservations and contacts will be available on the portal www.visitgratteri.it

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