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La Fucina di Vulcano: luogo in cui riscoprire la natura e se stessi

Fucina di Vulcano: a place where you discover nature and yourself

The Fucina di Vulcano is a Resort in the province of Catania, near the small town of Bronte, known for its PDO pistachio, and it’s surrounded by unique landscapes in the Park of the Nebrodi, overlooked by the majesty of the Etna.

The property has been restored in 2015, and offers a comfortable and intimate location, also for the most important events. Indeed, you can rent it and organize receptions, weddings and other particular events.

Indoors there are nine rooms, furnished in poor art style and they have every kind of comfort, including TV, wi-fi, a private toilet, a safe. A note of merit for the restaurant, whose the chef Sandro Rinaldo Chiù re-examines the traditional sicilian cooking in a modern way, ensuring unique flavors capable of reminding f other eras, by using local products (cured meats and meats of the black pig from the Nebrodi, wines from Etna, pistachio from Bronte, provola from the Nebrodi).

The hotel rises in a privileged place, which allows you to enjoy an extraordinary visit to the Etna, you can see it both from the garden and from the balcony in the rooms. The garden, thanks to mild temperatures, is available also in winter, and allows you to lose yourself in the spectacularity and purity of nature which surrounds the Fucina di Vulcano.


Several activities are available for guests, based on your interests: the property is 4 km long from Bronte and for this reason you can visit this small town to discover the production of pistachio; you can also visit many farms, in order to learn the secrets of the production of cheeses, especially of the ricotta. Also, there is a shuttle train that allows to take a tour of the vineyards and a local wine tasting in the cellars of the Etna.

You can book different excursions, on the Etna, in the Alcantara valley, excursions by quad or horseback ridings through the trails in the park of the Nebrodi, where you can also have a long walk and ecological bike rides, you can also do climbing sessions on the Rocca Calanna. In winter, activities can also include cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

The Fucina di Vulcano is also near to places of strong cultural importance, open to the public, including Nelson’s Castle, the already mentioned Bronte, the Library of the Real Collegio Capizzi and the museum of Sicilian cart.

It is a place in which you can conciliate your naturalistic, cultural and enogastronomic interest, and it is a place where to spend some days in the name of relax, surrounded by nature and the view of the Etna and its slopes.

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