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Piano Farina: degustazioni e attività nel cuore delle Madonie

Piano Farina: tastings and activities in the core of the Madonie

Just outside the town Petralia Soprana there is Piano Farina, a didactic farm known for its local production. Here you can taste a variety of cheese and wine as farm-to-table products.

Led by a family of shepherds for five generations, they get 170 hectares of land from the territory in the Park of the Madonie, together with 150 goats which helps to the production of the ricotta, from which a special ricotta with basil is obtained, and you can savor it especially between march and July, a recipe handed down from father to son at the farm.

At Piano Farina spontaneously grows the plant of basil, from April to July on seep terrains, reaching full bloom in may. Other typical unmissable products to taste are the delicious provola of the Madonie and the local fragrant cured meats.


Piano Farina is the perfect place to take a break during a walk or an excursion in the Park of the Madonie. Also, after your tasting, you can reach the Adventure Park of the Madonie just a few kilometers away, for a day in the guise of fun.

The trail inside its mountainous territory, most of this one possible only on foot, offers plants like large hollies, specifically between October and November with red berries, but you may also notice fallow deers and wild boars.

In winter, instead, the fog in the woods of Piano Farina often creates mysterious atmospheres, especially in the oak grove, easily accessible because skimmed by the road between Petralia Sottana and Piano Battaglia.

Another activity you can do immediately nearby is the Path of the Golden Eagle near Petralia Sottana. You can reach it on foot once you leave your car in the parking “Piano Farina”, 1360 meters high a.s.l., then you will start a tour to the discovery of the “golden” eagle, so defined for the light color of its plumage.

If you are lucky, you can see the eagles glide from Vallone Canna, from where you can see one of most beautiful panoramas all of the Park of the Madonie with the Egadi islands to the north and the Etna to the east.

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