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Capizzi: piccolo borgo tra le meraviglie dei Nebrodi

Capizzi: a small village among the wonders of the Nebrodi

In the heart of the Nebrodi Park, in eastern Sicily, stands a small village with uncertain origins but certainly ancient: Capizzi. It is a town situated in the province of Messina and studies on the territory affirm the possibility that it is the ancient “Capytium“: it is Cicero to mention for the first time this territory whose origins probably go back to the Roman age.

Perhaps its name is associated with the shape of the hill on which it rises: a head. The historic center of this small town is characterized by the medieval aspect: both as regards the houses and for the stone walls.


A must-see feature of this town is undoubtedly the Mother Church dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Bari. In addition to the most renowned religious architecture, there are also many other churches: we find the Sanctuary of St. James which is both the iacobean site and the oldest pilgrimage of the island.

There are many other churches such as the Church of St. Anthony Abbot, the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, the Church of St. Sebastian, the Church of Our Lady of Grace and the Church of St. Bartholomew. However, there are also numerous deconsecrated churches in the village.


In Capizzi there are different religious festivities that enliven the town during the year and that are cheerfully celebrated: on December 6th the patron saint is celebrated, Saint Nicholas of Bari; from July 16th to 26th, Saint James; from August 31st to September 3rd, St. Anthony of Padua. These are just some of the festivities that are celebrated in this beautiful evocative village.


Among the typical products of this area there are cheeses such as: the provola capitina and the maiorchino, but what particularly distinguishes this area are the derivatives of the black pig of the Nebrodi, which covers the local tables.

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