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Your saddles & tacks

Your saddle & tacks

Spirit left alone calmly sleeping/resting on top of Pizzo Carbonara Mountain at 1979 m. shows all the equipments we use for all our horses.


All our saddles were handmade build under our directions in 2013 by a Sicilian saddle maker  . We wanted to have sturdy and comfortable Trekking saddles lighter then the saddles on the market, all very heavy.
They are all leather brown saddles. After one year of hard use we are very happy of this new saddle so light but very strong. The saddle has a very COMFORTABLE AND WIDE SEAT, so also western style rider can feel good. The STIRRUPS are English. We always use on each saddle FRONT STRAP and CRUPPER, so the saddle can't move going up and down the mountains and also the CINCH can be fixed less tight because the saddle is maintained in her position by the Crupper and Front Strap. A serious mountain trekking horse MUSTwear both of them .Each saddle is equipped with a very capable and waterproof SADDLE BAG. They are all the same, all bought in 2013.
Under the saddle we use always TWO DIFFERENT BLANKETS. One, thin, is made by cotton to absorb the sweat, the other is thick to do not hurt the back of the horse.
The all leather  BRIDLES  are all identical for each horse too. They  comes from U.S.A., designed by Ed Dabney and hand made by a Wyoming's saddle maker. They are very simple, WITHOUT ANY NOOSE BANDWE do NOT  use any CURB CHAIN, only a simple LEATHER CURB with the function to maintain in the right position the SNAFFLE BIT.
ON all bridles we use only  the same anti tongue pitching SNAFFLE BIT , manufactured in U.S.A. and adopted by Ed Dabney. We do NOT use any Kind of  lever BIT, curb or spade.
We use only Rope Reins with Rein Leathers.

Under the BRIDLE we put on the head of all horses the  ROPE HALTER we used to train them with the SIX KEYS of HARMONY. The rope is positioned around the neck of the horse with a special knot. We use that rope to tie the horse at trees and fences.
So between any horse we use in our trips there are not differences in equipment. They wear all the same equipment, all of same type, model and age.

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