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In October and November MADONIE, NEBRODI and ETNA became gold, red, yellow with the change of colours of leafs of the very many deciduous tree species of their woods of beeches, birches, poplars, and mountain and country maples. The days are fresh but not cold with 15 / 20 ° and lot of sun during a sort of "20 days long Indian summer" we have almost every year floating after and before the San Valentino days. There are no insects at all, the air is perfectly clean and is possible to see every angle of Sicily reaching the Mount Carbonara or Madonna dell'Alto mountains in the Madonie, the Biviere Lake in Nebrodi with his view on Eolien Islands and Etna, the Alcantara valley and Taormina from Etna slopes.
It is my personal favourite time of the year to ride. May be there are some hours of rain but, well equipped with serious water proof gear, it is so nice to ride few hours under the rain surrounded by the sound of the falling water, the smell of  the ground and plants coming up, with you and your horse facing the forces of nature without any troubles. Many of our clients enjoined so much our fall trips that they were so happy to have chosen the October and November dates, when Sicily weather and nature offer their softer, mild and beautiful faces.

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