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We have 14 horses of our property. Soon they will be 16. They are mostly Sicilian Indigenous .  Our horses live "always as horses", so in a herd. Even at home, in our Ranch,  they live always together in wide paddocks. They normally never see a classic box, only if they are injured or sick. They have only covered refuges for sun, wind and rain living outside all year round. We move them from coast to mountain depending season.  In the herd they established their hierarchies and have their "bosses" so when they have to eat there are always skirmishes to have food first and / or to try to have more food. Sometimes there are involved bites, attempts of kicks or even real kicks. Some of our more tempered or timid horses have on their skin results of these old and new skirmishes which are part of "normal horses". This is the reason because we prepare in the corrals a lot more hey places then the number of horses so the skirmishes are very short and only at the beginning of each food distribution. For cereals we use individual eating bags. Where is possible we tie the horses and give them food individually but this is not always possible for the nature of the night corrals we have available or we made with electric fences.

In our heard we have different kind of horses adaptable at different kind of riders (big, smaller, faster, more quite). During assignment of horses if there are preferences by the riders will be good to know before departure. Naturally if all riders ask, for example, to have all "fast and big horses "we cannot accommodate all of them. For us is Ok if riders like to switch horses during the trip. If riders are tired and want to walk for some time to stretch legs need only just to ask for. We have no position in the line. Riders are free, where possible, to ride in pairs or in groups or scattered if terrains allow because our horses are individual and so they can go where you want, not depending where is going the horse in front.

They are all trained by Paolo and Franco with the SIX KEYS of HARMONY of ED DABNEY (to know morego to ED DABNEY'S WAY) and so they are very educate and well behave. On the ground you can lead them without any problem. Give them at least one meter of rope and they will not step or crowd on you . If they will come too close YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO SEND THEM BACK in their respectful position behind you just using the rope of your rope halter with a little bit of BACKING order.  When you will work on the stirrup or chinch they will not move. They will not move also when you will mount or dismount. They will never bite you or touch you because are trained not to do so.  On the saddle you will need very light hands with them. Please, never PULL your reins, be very gentle and light lifting the reins instead of pulling. We will tell you how to do BACKING from the GROUND and from the SADDLE and how to DISENGAGE THE HIND QUARTERS to have a perfect control of your horse in any situation.

It is very important your behaviour especially in the first hour with your horse. He will test you immediately for leadership and so need to act properly to have on them the maximum of obedience. Then all will be smooth and easy with your horse that will not try to eat grass when you are going, he will go only in the direction and at the speed you decide, ever.
Our horses are professional mountain horses. They are used to the very difficult, stony and hard trails of Madonie (on Nebrodi and Etna trails are a lot more easy) and nobody of them has any problem in all the most difficult passages. You will remain astonished of their capabilities passing through some very tricky points with absolute tranquillity and sure foot.
Our horses can be touched in any part of their bodies without any reaction. They will never kick you, may be to other horses if, along the trails, you will maintain your horse really too close to the horse ahead for too long time. Every horse can be easily, bridled, saddled, unsaddled, cleaned, and shoed.
With them words do not work at all so, please, do not loose time and efforts speaking to your horse or using word orders, use only your hands, legs, weight, balance, energy, body language, pressures and releases to communicate with him.

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