Pizza Gourmet !

P1010529        Gourmet Pizza in the wilderness.

    Sicily on Horseback introduced a new topic in        TranSiciliana trip from Madonie Park to Etna    Park: a Gourmet Pizza in the middle of wilderness    at Tre Arie refuge !


 Paolo found the way to be able to prepare gourmet pizzas at Tre Arie refuge using the existing wooden oven and transporting all the ingredients and equipments  there.  The first pizzas came out in our trip of the 6 june with 11 riders and then in our Etna trip of the 16 june with 4 riders. Franco was taking the orders about the toppings that everybody wanted on the their pizza (a choose between 8 toppings) and then the pizza was immediately made and cooked. The result was fantastic due the capabilities of Paolo as top professional pizza man. So after these 2 perfect tests all our participants in next TranSiciliana to  Etna trips will have that night for dinner a splendid gourmet pizza!