Sicily on Horseback at Equitania Essen

Sicily  on Horseback was at Equitania in Essen to promote his horseback trips into the  Sicilian natural parks of Etna, Nebrodi and Madonie. The German riders liked came in big numbers at the stand to discover these horseback trips into the parks and reserves of Sicily. They remained surprised by the so different natural environments that is possible to discover during a TranSiciliana to Etna trip, the 6 days on a horse principal trip scheduled every year from April to November. They found also  very interesting the trips in Madonie Natural Park  scheduled in February, March, July and August, when it is not possible to go to Etna volcano.


Big surprise was also the discovery of the very ancient Sicilian horse tradition and the three Sicilian horse breeds: the Sanfratellano, he Sicilian indigenous and the Sicilian pure oriental.