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Along Eruption 2002


P1010612During the trip of Sicily on Horseback from Madonie Park to Etna we are now  crossing the eruption of 2002 at 2.000 meters of altitude.

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Sicily on Horseback at Equitania Essen

Sicily  on Horseback was at Equitania in Essen to promote his horseback trips into the  Sicilian natural parks of Etna, Nebrodi and Madonie. The German riders liked came in big numbers at the stand to discover these horseback trips into the parks and reserves of Sicily. They remained surprised by the so different natural environments that is possible to discover during a TranSiciliana to Etna trip, the 6 days on a horse principal trip scheduled every year from April to November. They found also  very interesting the trips in Madonie Natural Park  scheduled in February, March, July and August, when it is not possible to go to Etna volcano.


Big surprise was also the discovery of the very ancient Sicilian horse tradition and the three Sicilian horse breeds: the Sanfratellano, he Sicilian indigenous and the Sicilian pure oriental.

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Pizza Gourmet !

P1010529        Gourmet Pizza in the wilderness.

    Sicily on Horseback introduced a new topic in        TranSiciliana trip from Madonie Park to Etna    Park: a Gourmet Pizza in the middle of wilderness    at Tre Arie refuge !


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The Story of Royal

Royal is our loved Arabian stallion. He was won by Paolo in a very special bet on ..... his LIFE.
He is a very high pedigrè Egyptian arabian who was born in U.S.A. in 2004. In 2007 he won the AMERICAN FUTURITY in MORPHOLOGY and was the beginning of his descent to HELL .......


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Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Bipeds and quadrupeds, find out who we are.

Why riding with US ?

Sicilian Experience

Sicilian Experience

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